Posts Under ‘Progressive House’ Category

ClearMajeure – Life Position Is Never Give Up [Clear Majeure]

MWRS, Outloud – Alone [Quartzo Records]

Piluka – Fraktura [Strabaganzza Records]

OSC4R – Stages Of Life [SPEKTR3 Records]

Alessio Festa – Melody [Dancera]

Galestian – The Gathering [Perfecto Black]

K3V – Density + Predestination [UltraViolet Music]

Loophole – In Circles [Rough Cut Records]

Tinlicker – Dream With Somebody [Armada Electronic Elements]

Neal Porter, Modeplex, Boss Axis – Excite [Enchant Audio]

Space Motion – Bombaya [Space Motion Records]

Benjamin Barth, Kinnie Lane, Mark Voyst – Learn [Mighty Records]

Rezwan Khan – Luxuria [EDM Cell Records]

ISEMG – Dawn Together Ep [Deepsessions Recordings]

Jodie Topp, Michael Fall – Sunshine [Planet Dance Music]

Teleport-X – Volando Ep [Polyptych]

Erdi Irmak, Criss Source, Mad Bear – Industria [Balkan Connection]

Emilio Bsousi – Heartbroken [Vesta Records ]

Adrian Roman – Months Ep [Univack]

Nico Szabo – Signal [Balkan Connection South America]

Jefani, Eileen Jaime – I Know I’m Not Alone [Symphonic Distribution]

Dynacom (ARG) – Arkh㉠[Auditen Music]

Airwave, Matan Caspi – Rhythm [Bonzai Progressive]

Loud Kid, Fer Olivera, Kostya Outta – Rolling Stone Ep [Monog Records]

VA – Afterhour Trax 23 [Green Martian]

John D, Ilias Kat – Mindfunk [Underground Music Records]

Nichols – Nascent State [Juicebox Music]

Max Lake – Love Life [ARVEG]

George Ellinas – Rainmaker [Ellina Music]

Trippin Fox, Hugo Villanova, Divine Kodino, AbovyanV – Way For Galaxies [MDL Music]

FromPetersburg, blaktone – Fee Your Mind [SkyTop]

Darryn M, Courage, Pavel Tkachev, Kolin Moar – Lifted Hystory, Vol.7 [Lifted Audio Recordings]