Posts Under ‘Hardcore / Hard Techno’ Category

Pablo Caballero – Things Are Going To Change [Emulsion Records]

Smull, VTek, Noks, Michal Kolasinski – Groove City Ep [Infinitech Records]

Buben – Bowshot Ep [Physical Techno Recordings]

Tropar Flot, DJ Scale Ripper – Nightmare Tardigrades Ep [NPR Limitless]

Roberto Corvino – Dynamic E.p [Society Music Recordings]

Neophyte – Wrath Of Warlords [Masters Of Hardcore]

JAYSTRNG – Elevate Ep [Bad Reputation]

Jose Baher, Dr. Psycho, Bad Omen – Code 10.00 [Fresh Cut]

Champas – Totem [Parallel Thoughts]

Oldwood – Prototype [Subwoofer Records]

M. Rodriguez – Vengeance Ep [Marktek Records]

Moshpitch, Ruffneck – Dat Drumroll! [Triple Six Records]

Tøtal – Ngc 2207 Ep [Death Bell Records]

666 – Self Control [VapourTrail Records]

Zavier Astua – Osis [BlackVogue Records]

Darkflower, MaKaJa Gonzales, El Brujo, Anonyme Sequence – Rolling Signature [Frame Workxx Records]

Sebastian Mora, Nico Guerrero, Acid Kit – Pumping [Future Techno Records]

Giovanni Pasquariello, Biagio Lana, Freiheit – Eternal Youth [Cieli Di Orione]

2bee – Amfetamine Day [Closed Class Records]

L3fkios – Human [SoundBook Records]

Wieger Van Den Ham, Marco Ginelli, CarbBeat, Ruud S – Free Wheel [Oxytech Records]

VA – Tunnel Of Terror: The Original Terror & Speedcore Compilation: Annihilation [Phrenetikal Records]

La Teigne – The Force [Hell’s Recordings]

Secret Groovers – B5 [Toxic Recordings]

Tomi Williams – Black Mirror [Factory Beat Black]

Dolby D, A.Paul – Tempest [Techno Vinyls Records]

Ivox Garcia – Solar Wind [I Tech Connect Records]

Felix Reichelt, Atze Ton – Vulcano Ep [Volume Berlin Records]

Kamil Van Derson, Marco Ginelli, Rich – Echoes [Puzzle Music Underground]

Siedos – Oceans [Ushuaia Music]

RAZOR TECHNO (DE) – Raver Ep [Hardwandler Records]

Alen Selestrin, Raneo, Ebur, DMCK – Dolma Red V/a 01 [Dolma Red]