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Skank Spinatra, Mr Stabalina, Summer Bright – Do You Like It Ep [Scour Records]

Foresight – Ascend [Glitch Hop Community]

Stickybuds – Crooked Politicians [Westwood Recordings]

Royal Blood, Galactic Hobos – Funkline & Sinker [Rough Division]

VA – Rhythm Code Iii [Shanti Planti]

Royal Blood, Galactic Hobos – Funkline & Sinker (royal Blood Remix) [Rough Division]

Birdwing – Stones & Crystals [Street Ritual]

SGV – Contrast [Glitch Hop Community]

Retrograde – Welcome To The Rockcade [Glitch Hop Community]

BitSky – O-m-e-g-a [The Gradient Perspective Records]

Fede Gaumet – Rojo [Indiefy]

VA – Glitch In The System [Delicious Music (ORCH)]

The Niceguys – King Of The Street Ep [Westwood Recordings]

Tribone, Whitebear, Quanta – Portals [Shanti Planti]

Chauncey The DJ – Chauncey The Dj [Gurl Tok Recordings]

Frection – Radiant [Exobolt]

Nuclear Revolt – Level Up [DUBTRXX]

Hemirckren, Likkle​-​Butt, DJ EKL – No Medical [Glitch Hop Community]

Pandan – All That You Love [G.Star Records]

Royal Blood (SP) – Keep Me Lifted Ep [Rough Division]

Maxfield – Sonorous Ep [Wormhole Music Group]

Hubeycase – Picahielo [Indiefy]

H4nt – Be Different [Glitch Hop Community]

Gravity-S – Roll ‘n’ Swing [Glitch Hop Community]

Brotherz From Another Mother – Elements [Wolfrage Recordings]

MidovStoler – X Asoc – 24/7 [Indiefy]

Thomas Vent – Old No. 1 [Symphonic Distribution]

Ren̩ Schier РTake Out [We Are On The Same Shit]

SugarBeats, StereoCool – Stereo Midnight Ep [Westwood Recordings]

Patrick McGraw – Etude 1 [LANDR, Self-Released]

Audiotrackerz – Let’s Bounce [Louis Capet XXVI]

Aero Zoo – Take It Down [G.Star Records]