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MastaRyte – Horny As Funk Ii [Glitch Hop Community]

LosAuf, VixiA, Frax – Saxy Funk [Glitch Hop Community]

Theno – Slipstream Ep [Adapted Records]

Sharp Beat, Eleksoul – Relax Of Time Ep [Strongs Records]

Eleksoul – Cosmos Ep [Strongs Records]

Phantom Electric Ghost – Farm Animals (oink Oink Go The Pigs) [LANDR, Self-Released]

Tatiana Heuman – Quemo Tu Curuyu [Astro Nautico]

Skryonic – Break It Down [Glitch Hop Community]

SIKKIDS – Colossus [Glitch Hop Community]

Eleksoul – Eleksoul [Strongs Records]

Kapt Rhymez – Where Yu Been [Indiefy]

RemmiQue – Wanted [Indiefy]

DeDrecordz, LoW_RaDar101 – Zero Gravity [Dedrecordz]

Bear Moss, Lift The Ground, N-Fluence – Give Your Love [Base Industry Records]

Andrey Reshetnik – Passion [Stell Recordings]

Kibosh – Spinning Wheel Ep [Bombstrikes]

Andy Tuyub – Ella Te Miente [Indiefy]

Mr. Jennings – Helter Squelter [Street Ritual]

Bright Idea, Spin Kringle – Hard Pressed [Adapted Records]

DeDrecordz, LoW_RaDar101 – Trumpeter George [Dedrecordz]

DeDrecordz – Breath Of The Crowd [Glitchworld Recordings]

Eleksoul – Science Ep [Strongs Records]

ft. Uncle Spaceman, Spundose – Envoy [Street Ritual]

kishochki – Manager [LANDR, Self-Released]

Cotton Candy (SP) – The Kings Ep [Strongs Records]

Yamada (KOR) – M [Spanking Dog]

Zenturion – Owl’s Song [Psyndica]

Love Hustler – Sinderella [Jumpsuit Records]

DeDrecordz, LoW_RaDar101 – Gorgeous George [Dedrecordz]

Mr. Ours – Ready To Glitch [Glitch Hop Community]

DeDrecordz, LoW_RaDar101 – Rampant [Dedrecordz]

Thomas Vent – Rock That Funk [Symphonic Distribution]