Posts Under ‘Future House’ Category

Alex House – Chasing Stars [Party Lovers]

Rave Girl – Bad Enough [Spin Up Records]

William De Jano – Space Jam [Renaissance Digital]

Renato-Gratis – Cradle [Speedsound Music]

Tom Burns – Best Of My Life [Delicious Records]

Novacloud – Neigh [Space Sound]

DJ Est3r – Be Playin’ Like Boom [FS Music Records]

VA – Weapons Of Choice – Future House #6 [RH2]

D.O.D – Glow [Axtone Records]

Estación Paradoja – Visiones. [Indiefy]

Badjokes – Clap Your Hands [Dim Mak Records]

Tony Schwery, NEENOO – Macedonia Groove [Airborne Artists Agency]

Keiks – Do You Wanna House? [Alveda Gold]

Lola Rhodes, Deep Parliament – Taking Me Over [Melogamma Records]

Earstrip, Glitter – Tic Tac Boom [Sugar Loaf Recordings]

Foolie, Danny Kolk – Dear Friends [Underxpression Records]

Joris Laze – Kalagan [Cadena Records]

House Legion – Artist Series – House Legion [Kingside Recordings]

Tremonjai – Do Not Stop Feeling [Sandy Records]

Eran Hersh, Darmon – Take Me There [LoveStyle Records]

CUBICO – Natural Maniac [Mystica Music]

MVDNXGHT – Starside [Exobolt]

Armodine – Love Is Gone [Total Freedom Recordings]

Voltraplex – Yoshi’s Theme [Gurl Tok Recordings]

Kohen, Bhaskar – Put Your Number [Up Club Records]

TRIIION – Stardust [LE Distribution]

R1SE – Allure [ShiftAxis Records]

YOUNG BRAVA, Daniel Fernandes – Go Alone [LZR TRP]

ELMY, Audino – What You Want [Sirup Music]

Lucky Vegas, Mark Vox – Together (lucky Vegas Remix) [Kingside Recordings]

Vais EDM’S – Rampant [Rock’n’Roll Starta]

VADDS – Shine [HyperBlast Records]