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Patch Notes – Null Ep [PRIME]

NLP – Bounce It [Gigabeat Nights]

BSH – Absorb [Chemical Breaks]

3D Stas – Before The Timelapse / Sky Breakbeat [Ayra Recordings]

Crocodile Pills – Paedogenesis [Moogment]

DJ Hero – Once Again [Solitude Studios]

Sharp Beat, KillBeat (SP) – Kinki Boy Ep [Strongs Records]

Alt-A, DRKWTR – In The End [Diesel Recordings]

VA – Modus Operandi: Househead Samira [Moveltraxx]

Danny Scrilla, Breaka – Swinging Flavors #7 [Beat Machine Records]

BLKBRST – Death (vip) [Otodayo Records]

Mutehead – Innovative [BSound Records]

KillBeat (SP) – Music Box Ep [Strongs Records]

KillBeat (SP) – Nikolas Tesla Ep [Strongs Records]

Basstyler, ilLegal Content – Bassline Funky [Distorsion Records]

Jaz1, DJ 2nd Life, Digital & Analog – Destiny Unknown [Junkie Slang]

Leadzone – Unruly [Xclubsive Recordings]

Eardrum Therapy, Fractal Architect, Xspance, Russian Linesman – Lonesome Road – Remixes [Loki Recordings]

Chicken Paw – A$$ Up [Beat By Brain]

VA – Friends [Spektra Recordings]

Basstyler – Crossover Ep [Funktasty Crew Records]

Austin Digo – No More [Elektroshok Records]

Xcess – Escape To Anywhere [Keihatsu Digital]

DJ Wink – Let The Bass Kick [Check Records]

VA – Ade Play 2018, Vol.7 [Amend Recordings]

SVD KID – Drop It [SPACE PIZZA Records]

Darkmode, Audios – Blue Zone Ep [Filth Infatuated Digital]

Groove Trickz, Outselect – Concrete Jungle [FAT VIBEZ Records]

JDOUBLE – Where You At [Ravesta Records]

Nosk – Old Warrior [83]

The Hotheadz, Huda Hudia, DJ Volume – I Get Money [Kaleidoscope Music]

Ski Hi, The Nymphobassiax, DJ Trashy – Frequency Control [Kaleidoscope Music]